Custom Mechanical installs professional grade furnaces for both commercial and residential buildings. Installing a new EnergyStar furnace will save you money on your heating bill and increase the value of your home or office!


Custom Mechanical installs high efficiency modulating gas boilers. These boilers not only monitor return water temperatures they fluctuate heating capacity based on outdoor temperatures. These systems also provide all of your domestic hot water needs.

tube heaters

Tube heaters installed by Custom Mechanical are an efficient way to heat any garage or detached building. Tube heaters also have the added benefit of keeping garage floors warm and dry through the winter.

duct design

Duct Design is easily the most overlooked aspect of many forced air systems. Critical duct design is absolutely necessary for system performance, overall life span, and bottom line Return on Investment. Custom Mechanical specializes in duct design, and is the industry leader in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

mini splits

Mitsubishi Mini-Split systems offer ultra efficient heating solutions in homes that are built without duct work. This offers our customers the ability to heat their homes without the need for costly duct work.